12 new police officers planned for in Surrey’s 2014 budget

LOCAL-NEWS-2-rcmp-logo2The City of Surrey’s finance committee will be meeting on Nov. 25 to discuss the 2014 budget proposal. The $763-million budget includes 12 new police officers and 5 additional support staff.

RCMP say they are still determining where the additional officers will be assigned.

“We are a fast growing community and any additional resources are a welcome addition, whatever the number of officers and staff,” said RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet. “Their specific deployments and assignments would be decided in consultation with our crime analysts, team leaders and senior management, based on crime trends at that time.”

Karen Reid Sidhu, executive director of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society said she thinks the 12 new officers will be enough to meet the policing needs of the community.

“There are a number of community agencies that work together with the RCMP and I believe that the individuals who are making these decisions are capable of determining the resources needed for the city itself,” said Sidhu.

Though Paquet was uncertain as to which departments the officers would be delegated in the event that the budget was approved, he did identify general duty officers as being the top priority.

“Front line policing is always the first priority we address. This relates directly to General Duty officers that are on the road, responding to calls for service,” said Paquet. “Once we can confirm that our daily response levels are sufficient, we then look at other specialized or supporting sections. Our decisions are based on enhancing the safety of our community and its residents first.”

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