‘Project SWOOP’ aiming to curb dangerous driving

Surrey RCMP are hitting the streets to crack down on risky driving behavior in Surrey’s streets.

Project SWOOP is a Surrey-wide day of enforcement and education, utilizing speed watch volunteers as well as police members from various agencies and auxiliaries. The goals are to educate, inform, prevent and enforce to reduce automobile crimes such as speeding and driving while on a cell phone.

“[Project SWOOP] targets drivers in all areas of Surrey, both in the morning and afternoon, to ensure we reach out to as many drivers as possible,” said Cpl. Bert Paquet.

Today wasn’t the first time the police have done this. June 25 was the last time the initiative was put into action and today won’t be the last.

“No dates have been scheduled yet, but we do see the benefits of this initiative in promoting road safety and plan on doing it again next year,” said Paquet. “Slow down and give yourself plenty of time to arrive to your destination, so you never find yourself in a hurry to get anywhere. The majority of accidents are the result of one or more wrong decisions. Make sure you make the safe one.”

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